Sunday, April 17, 2011


I lost my Grandfather (Papa) when I was almost four years old. He   was a man of many talents. He favored me since I was born one week after he lost his son, Franklin. I loved him dearly. My Mother told me after his death, I was very upset with God. As the story goes I made my way one door up from my Grandfather's house to see a neighbor, Mr. Saunders.  Now let me describe  Mr. Saunders. He was a retired railroad man. He had white hair that stood straight up and looked like a bush! He was gruff and did not shave most days. He had lost a leg in a railroad accident. He coughed non-stop and would spit in a tissue every few minutes. His dress was a  housecoat and one house shoe and he smelled like Vick's salve. I am sure Mr. Saunders would be less than appealing to most children. I liked him!
 He sat in a swing on his front porch most days. His wife would come out and keep an eye on him  taking him in when it became too hot. My Mother said I told him my Papa died and I ask him if he would be my new Papa. He said yes. So, I spent many days with Mr. Saunders, swinging, not talking, just enjoying being together. When I was older, my Mother told me in his younger days,
Mr. Saunders drank, and would beat his wife and his children. He had changed his ways, and had stopped drinking.
In my mind I still see Mr. Saunders swinging and that little girl running up the walk to greet him. I know God blessed me with a friend in my time of need, I think Mr. Saunders felt the same way. I hope his heart was softened by a little child that loved him.
God Bless you Mr Saunders.

Monday, April 11, 2011

AMANON (Aunt Mignon)

My Great-nephew Benjamin just turned three this past week. I missed his Cowboy themed birthday
 party at the Big McFarlin Ranch. 

 Riding my horse at this stage, was not an option for this Cowgirl!  

Benjamin and his sister Kaylee are precious. When they come over for a visit ,  or I visit them at home, I

am  in Heaven.. We play games, we play dollhouse, we color, we read stories. My inner-child is 

unleashed. I like the role of the Aunt that puts you in the golf cart and pretends we are in Thomas the 

Train. Whoo! Whoo! Here we come pulling out of the station. 

We all need one Aunt that is a little left of center.

Amanon fills that role beautifully!

Come on get on the Train...we are pulling out of the station..Whooo..Whooo!

All Aboard!!!!

Psalms 121

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Old Age Ain't for Sissies

Hank Thompson was  a former  Mayor of Hendersonville and also County Mayor. Hank and his beautiful wife, Nancy served our community for many years. Hank passed away several years ago, we all still miss him. He had a quick wit that my husband Johnny and I both appreciated. One of  Hank's sayings was," Boys, Old Age Ain't for Sissies."  As I reflected on my struggle after Gallbladder surgery, I realized how true those words are in life. Growing older has a new set of situations we all will face. I have been humbled by this detour in my life. I come from a family where we just keep going no matter how high the mountain. On this climb I needed help. I realize how I need the power and strength of the Lord in every moment of my life. I realize prayer, by many, helped this journey not to be so painful. I realize I have a wonderful family. I have marvelous friends. My husband, Johnny, stepped up to the plate...I am proud of him. My son, John, help me maintain my sense of humor, and let me see the fruits of raising a caring human.
No, Hank was right Old Age Ain't for Sissies, but nobody ever  accused me of being one. I look forward to sharing a few of my life funnies with you all. This non-Sissie is ready to roll on with life!
Psalms 121

Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Yes Mam' Ms. Bird"

Lyndon Johnson , our  36th President, valued the advice of his wife Lady Bird. I heard a recording of one the their conversations, and was pleased to hear his reply when she gave him her opinion. "Yes Mam' Ms. Bird.
So I have decided (still drugged recovery stage) to change my name! When did I decide this? This morning at 2:30 AM! I think Lady Bird Friedmann has a nice ring to it!  First: it is easy to remember. Second: It is truly a southern name and had to come from royalty (maybe I am a Queen). Third: I will command a ""Yes Mam', Ms. Bird."
I can see it all now, I will call Johnny and give him my opinion on world affairs, the important role of women in history, why renegade squirrels are taking over my backyard..opps  Recovery Drugs kicking in.....
His reply, "Yes Mam Ms. Bird."
I feel better already!!!
Psalms 121

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Tornado Tears Through Gallbladderless-ville

Why am I up at 3:30 am, you ask? I do not know....but as long as I am let me entertain you!!!
Monday was a fun-filled day...of having a shower and finally washing my hair. Let me paint a not so pretty picture of me.
Hair bad.. check...
UT hat on  check...
Yellow nightgown with orange flowers...check 
Moaning to the tune of "Ain't Got The Gallbladder Blues".. check...
But I did have on earrings...check!
Get a picture??? Since my operation I have had many fun-filled moments...drug induced, I am sure.
Yesterday was one of those days. We had tornado warnings. My friend, Louise, came to help me shower, wash my other words clean me up!  We had finished the shower/hairdo/give me my drugs scenario..when TORNADO WARNINGS flashed on the TV. Outside was looking dark and scary.
We tried to cram into my half bath, but Louise, Agnes, and I would not fit. Who is Agnes, you say? Agnes is Louise's walking apparatus. Louise has had 5 back operations and uses a walker, I named her walker Agnes.
"We have to go to the basement," said Louise.
What?????  Well, the wind was a- howling and the trees a- blowing, and I said, "I am going down." Now 13 steps under  usual problem. When you have had surgery and your body looks like you went a round with Sugar Ray...13 steps is like walking to Florida--a long way down. Louise and I made a pact. If we fall on each other the landing will be softer; we will just have to explain to the ENTs why we are all tangled up and one of us drugged up!!!
We did make it after much moaning and groaning. We are happy we survived the storm!  
I am a little better today and tomorrow will be even better. 
Please forgive my writing style. I am not a writer, just a faux funny gal!!!!

Wasting Away in Gallbladderless-ville

Why am I up?? I do not know......Johnny was at the hospital with me and stayed at night. We had three people on my floor, ( one next to me, two across the hall) I rushed to make a hasty retreat.
Friday, Johnny had two root canals and a tooth extracted. We are a pair!!!! I am a tough cookie, but this tackled me from behind....I am Okay and each day will be a little better!!
I do have a funny be patient, because I am on drugs....I explained to Johnny Sunday he had to help me bathe and he would have to wash all crooks and crannies! I was in the bathroom trying to pull myself up when around the corner, Johnny shows himself, naked as a newborn baby. He said, "I am ready!"
I said, "Johnny, what are you doing????"
He said, "I am going to wash myself while I wash you. Save water!"
My incision cannot get he had to wash cloth my vital parts..(.I call it PAT bath.  the 3 word bath!!!!I) I said you get to rub everything, but get zero out of it!!! We made it after I caught my breath trying not to laugh.
We maybe older, but the Humor is still young!!!