Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Tornado Tears Through Gallbladderless-ville

Why am I up at 3:30 am, you ask? I do not know....but as long as I am let me entertain you!!!
Monday was a fun-filled day...of having a shower and finally washing my hair. Let me paint a not so pretty picture of me.
Hair bad.. check...
UT hat on  check...
Yellow nightgown with orange flowers...check 
Moaning to the tune of "Ain't Got The Gallbladder Blues".. check...
But I did have on earrings...check!
Get a picture??? Since my operation I have had many fun-filled moments...drug induced, I am sure.
Yesterday was one of those days. We had tornado warnings. My friend, Louise, came to help me shower, wash my other words clean me up!  We had finished the shower/hairdo/give me my drugs scenario..when TORNADO WARNINGS flashed on the TV. Outside was looking dark and scary.
We tried to cram into my half bath, but Louise, Agnes, and I would not fit. Who is Agnes, you say? Agnes is Louise's walking apparatus. Louise has had 5 back operations and uses a walker, I named her walker Agnes.
"We have to go to the basement," said Louise.
What?????  Well, the wind was a- howling and the trees a- blowing, and I said, "I am going down." Now 13 steps under  usual problem. When you have had surgery and your body looks like you went a round with Sugar Ray...13 steps is like walking to Florida--a long way down. Louise and I made a pact. If we fall on each other the landing will be softer; we will just have to explain to the ENTs why we are all tangled up and one of us drugged up!!!
We did make it after much moaning and groaning. We are happy we survived the storm!  
I am a little better today and tomorrow will be even better. 
Please forgive my writing style. I am not a writer, just a faux funny gal!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness. This is a hoot. The part about Agnes actually made me laugh out loud! Welcome to Blogville - and Gallbladderlessville!

  2. Mignon, have you thought of going on stage? You would be a hit. And just think--now you can just let your friends check your blog to see what's what in your world!

  3. You crack me up! I needed this laugh today...somehow you knew it! Keep the precious stories coming! So glad you are recovering well, I Love You!