Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Yes Mam' Ms. Bird"

Lyndon Johnson , our  36th President, valued the advice of his wife Lady Bird. I heard a recording of one the their conversations, and was pleased to hear his reply when she gave him her opinion. "Yes Mam' Ms. Bird.
So I have decided (still drugged recovery stage) to change my name! When did I decide this? This morning at 2:30 AM! I think Lady Bird Friedmann has a nice ring to it!  First: it is easy to remember. Second: It is truly a southern name and had to come from royalty (maybe I am a Queen). Third: I will command a ""Yes Mam', Ms. Bird."
I can see it all now, I will call Johnny and give him my opinion on world affairs, the important role of women in history, why renegade squirrels are taking over my backyard..opps  Recovery Drugs kicking in.....
His reply, "Yes Mam Ms. Bird."
I feel better already!!!
Psalms 121

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  1. Yes, I can see the drugs are still at work! Keep going, Ms. Bird!