Monday, April 11, 2011

AMANON (Aunt Mignon)

My Great-nephew Benjamin just turned three this past week. I missed his Cowboy themed birthday
 party at the Big McFarlin Ranch. 

 Riding my horse at this stage, was not an option for this Cowgirl!  

Benjamin and his sister Kaylee are precious. When they come over for a visit ,  or I visit them at home, I

am  in Heaven.. We play games, we play dollhouse, we color, we read stories. My inner-child is 

unleashed. I like the role of the Aunt that puts you in the golf cart and pretends we are in Thomas the 

Train. Whoo! Whoo! Here we come pulling out of the station. 

We all need one Aunt that is a little left of center.

Amanon fills that role beautifully!

Come on get on the Train...we are pulling out of the station..Whooo..Whooo!

All Aboard!!!!

Psalms 121

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