Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wasting Away in Gallbladderless-ville

Why am I up?? I do not know......Johnny was at the hospital with me and stayed at night. We had three people on my floor, ( one next to me, two across the hall) I rushed to make a hasty retreat.
Friday, Johnny had two root canals and a tooth extracted. We are a pair!!!! I am a tough cookie, but this tackled me from behind....I am Okay and each day will be a little better!!
I do have a funny be patient, because I am on drugs....I explained to Johnny Sunday he had to help me bathe and he would have to wash all crooks and crannies! I was in the bathroom trying to pull myself up when around the corner, Johnny shows himself, naked as a newborn baby. He said, "I am ready!"
I said, "Johnny, what are you doing????"
He said, "I am going to wash myself while I wash you. Save water!"
My incision cannot get he had to wash cloth my vital parts..(.I call it PAT bath.  the 3 word bath!!!!I) I said you get to rub everything, but get zero out of it!!! We made it after I caught my breath trying not to laugh.
We maybe older, but the Humor is still young!!!

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